Current Training Courses

Stalking Awareness Sessions

Throughout 2022, we are running regular stalking awareness sessions for all wishing to find out about this devastating crime or broaden their knowledge to help in the support of clients.

The workshop covers all aspects of legislation, advocacy, courts processes, perpetrator profiling and behavioural recognition.

To book a place on any available dates, please visit our Eventbrite page at:

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Cyber Safety Sessions (Professional & Public)

Throughout 2022, we are running regular cyber safety workshops for both professionals and members of the public who have been affected by stalking in any way.

The course covers several relevant topics to assist attendees with understanding technology and mitigating risks for their clients, themselves or both.

To book a place on any available dates, please visit our Eventbrite page at:

Training and Workshops

We run a wide range of workshops and stalking awareness training packages

Veritas Justice is a unique Sussex-based stalking advocacy service founded upon professional expertise and personal experience.

We offer a wide range of training packages to suit all requirements, including half day and full day workshops.

Our expert trainers have widely recognised legal, therapeutic, cyber security and advocacy qualifications enabling them to deliver high quality sessions to organisations and individuals either supporting those being stalked or wanting to establish a comprehensive safeguarding policy.

The training we offer:

  • Introduction to Stalking – stalking behaviours and who is stalked
  • What the law says about Stalking and Harassment
  • Obsession and fixation
  • Typologies – understanding the profiles and risks of perpetrators
  • High Risk Factors
  • Links between Stalking and homicide
  • Experience and impact on survivors: personal experience of a survivor of stalking – personal story
  • Cyberstalking
  • Online safety
  • Trauma responses
  • Supporting people and responding to disclosures
  • Legal actions and remedies
  • Policy writing
  • Consultancy

Stalking Workshops

For dates, venues and further details please contact us.

Cyberstalking Workshops

The everyday devices we use are almost permanently connected the internet. This allows stalkers a perceived level of anonymity and a constant unwanted presence in the life of their victim. We run online and cyber safety workshops to help people use technology safely.

Our groups are currently funded by the Big Lottery so if you are interested in the next dates and locations for these workshops please contact us.

Who do we train?

  • CPS
  • DA/DV Services
  • Frontline Support Workers
  • Health & Social Care
  • Human Resources
  • Magistrates
  • Police
  • Probation Service
  • SME Businesses

Number of referrals received in past year

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The CJS journey was worthwhile

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Received good cyber safety advice

Litigant in person workshops

In April 2013, the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) came into force and figures since its introduction already show dramatic changes particularly Family cases where there is no proof of domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction. There has been a 60% fall in family cases granted funding and two thirds of cases in the family court now feature somebody representing themselves.

A recent challenge by Rights of Women of the legal aid provisions has meant that the government has introduced interim regulations to deal with some areas of concern, particularly the time limit on evidence of domestic violence and evidence of financial abuse.  For more information please visit the Rights of Women website:

We have secured funding from the Big Lottery to run Litigant in person workshops for professionals or individuals interested in supporting people through the Family Court process, working with those going through the process or affected by the reduction of legal aid and so having to represent themselves in Court.

For dates, venues and further details please contact us.

In the development of this project we will be working in the support of a local Barrister’s Chambers which works with clients on a direct access basis.