We provide a free and confidential advice and support service.

Understanding the context of stalking behaviours is crucial to effective safety planning and risk management.

Practical advice for victims

  • Trust your instincts
  • Keep a diary of all incidents and their impact on your daily life (Download here)
  • Preserve all communications and gifts as they are useful evidence
  • Never think that it is not serious if there is no physical violence
  • Don’t mediate or engage with the stalker unless unavoidable
  • Tell your friends, family and work colleagues of the situation so that they can help you stay safe
  • Be aware of how much of your personal information is available online
  • Don’t block any online communication channels between yourself and the stalker (e.g. email, social media, phone number) – this can be used as evidence as a pattern of behaviour and they may find another way to contact you
  • Change passwords on your devices, accounts and social media ( more info here)
  • Regularly check your privacy settings on mobile apps and social networking sites
  • Get device checked if you suspect that they have been compromised
  • Report all incidents to the Police at the earliest opportunity
  • IN AN EMERGENCY CALL 999 or 101 in a non-emergency
    or report it online by clicking here
  • Contact Veritas for further support and advice.
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"There were 1467 recorded stalking offences between April 2018- April 2019 in Sussex alone."
HMICFRS 2019 - Sussex Police inspection

How we can help

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Carry out a risk assessment
  • Devise a safety plan
  • Be your voice in the system

The services we offer

  • Advocacy & advice for service users
  • IT interventions
  • Cyber and online safety information
  • Recovery, resilience & peer support groups
  • Training and workshops for organisations

Practical advice for professionals

  • Believe victims and take them seriously.
  • Listen carefully and record everything you’re told.
  • Record victims perception of risk of harm.
  • Take threats to kill seriously.
  • Complete DASH and Stalking screening questions.
  • Ask for restraining and non-molestation orders.
  • Encourage victims to keep a diary.
  • Don’t view incidents in isolation and ensure you understand the context.
  • Seek specialist advice from your specialist police force unit.
  • Contact Veritas-Justice , National Stalking Helpline , Paladin Service.

Veritas Justice is one of the services listed on Safe Space Sussex providing access to support for people when they are at their most vulnerable