November 2021 – 16 Days of Activism

This month we’ve gone ORANGE for 16 Days of Activism #ORANGE THE WORLD

16 Days of Activism is a global campaign calling for an end to violence against women and girls. It takes place annually from 25th November (International Day of No ViolenceAgainst Women) to 10th December (International HumanRights Day). Its purpose is to raise awareness about violence against women at local, national and international levels and to put pressure on governments around the world to bring about change. The 25th of November also marks nine years since stalking became a criminal offence in England and Wales.

All the 16 Days events taking place across Sussex are going to be listed on Safe Space Sussex, so lets Orange the World!

Here at Veritas, we are having a Twitter campaign so please follow us on Twitter @VeritasSussex to find out more!

The Transformative Power of Exercise

All of us know about the benefits of exercise for our hearts, lungs and bones but have you thought about the difference it can make to your mood and general outlook on life? The effects can be liberating, especially when it becomes part of a daily routine. It can even be fun!

So what are the options for those of us who want to exercise but don’t want to use a gym?

The NHS has lots of great tips on their website of ways to keep fit at home or outside, They offer practical guidelines for different age groups and look at an exercise that is both aerobic and strength building. Suggestions include brisk walking, dancing, heavy gardening and even running upstairs!

The effect of exercise on our general wellbeing and as a treatment for depression is clearly set out in a very useful article by the Mental Health Foundation:
If you want to read the full NHS article on ways to exercise and its beneficial effects on mind and body please go to:

Are you Being Tagged?

Have you checked the privacy settings on your internet accounts? It’s so easy when opening a new account to leave the default privacy settings in place without checking to see what these settings mean. You may be revealing more of your personal information to the world than you realise. For victims of stalking, checking these settings is crucial. In a world where it’s possible to keep track of someone’s movements in real-time through posting and tagging it’s important to stay in control of our privacy.

Tagging is when someone mentions you in a post and uses the @ symbol so that others can find your profile. It is something that is easily overlooked when protecting privacy online and you may find yourself being tagged in other people’s social media posts.
You can disable auto-tagging in Facebook in your privacy settings. In Instagram, you can use privacy settings to ensure you ‘manually approve a tagged photo or video. wikiHow has clear instructions on how to do this. Go to:

Service Spotlight

migrant help

Migrant Help is a national charity that has been assisting people affected by displacement and exploitation for nearly sixty years. It supports asylum seekers, refugees and survivors of modern slavery across the UK, giving them the tools to overcome trauma, navigate complex immigration systems and settle into new communities.

The charity is passionate about promoting the value migrants bring to the UK and enabling the people it supports to reach their full potential. Services include:

  • Asylum services – independent advice and
  • guidance to assist asylum seekers in the UK.
  • Advice and support to victims of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Refugee settlement.
  • EU Settlement Scheme help and resources.
  • Interpreting and translation services via their social enterprise, Clear Voice.

For more information contact

Free asylum helpline 24/7: 0808 8010 503
Head office: 01304 203977

Please download the newsletter as a PDF here

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