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A Survivor’s Personal Experience

I have lived in Sussex my whole life. I live with my parents and have a great group of friends around me. I went to school with most of them and I used to feel generally safe when out and about. However, my life was changed early last year when I first encountered a...

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A day in the life of a stalking advocate

Being a stalking advocate must be one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs I have ever had. I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of people I work with, and this role has certainly given me the chance to play an active part in...

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National Stalking Awareness Week 2020

See Stalking Clearly This National Stalking Awareness Week, we will be focusing on making stalking victims a visible priority, particularly as part of the government’s response to the COVID-19 health emergency.  During these unprecedented times, we must rightly...

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Taking Care of Your Wellbeing

Written by Gemma Buckley, BSc (Hons) - Occupational Therapist & Wellbeing Advisor Looking after your mind Routines can be helpful to normalise an abnormal situation. If you’re working from home, set an alarm, shower, get dressed and be ready for work. If you’re...

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TechTalks: The Age of Antisocial Networking:

This article includes details about Veritas Justice’s upcoming 16 Days of Action event: Every year Veritas Justice runs an event as part of the 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence. This December, our event, TechTalks, will address the increasingly common but...

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Who are stalkers?

Below we explore the stalking typologies, motives and risks: As noted in earlier blogs, stalkers are not a synonymous group. Rather, they can look like anyone and enter victims’ lives in a variety of ways. However, after years of research into stalking behaviour,...

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What is stalking?

Defining stalking There are many assumptions about stalking, stalkers and victims. If you were to ask, “what is stalking?”, some people would probably answer along the lines of a mysterious figure clouded in darkness hiding in the shadows. However, this stereotype is...

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Number of referrals received in past year

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% of clients found the service made a positive difference


The CJS journey was worthwhile

Recorded reports of stalking by Sussex Police in past year


Received good cyber safety advice

We are currently funded by the Office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to provide advocacy casework to all victims of stalking across Sussex.

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