National Stalking Awareness Week

It is National Stalking Awareness Week, and here at Veritas we are gearing up for a week of advocacy, education, and action.

This year, the theme is “Join Forces Against Stalking,” highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in supporting victims of stalking.

Stalking is a serious crime that can have devastating effects on its victims, both mentally and physically. It often requires a comprehensive and coordinated response from various agencies to ensure victims receive the support and protection they need. From Police to healthcare professionals, effective multi-agency working is crucial every step of the way, from the point of disclosure through to conviction and beyond.

Throughout National Stalking Awareness Week, we will be shining a spotlight on the vital role that collaboration among agencies plays in addressing stalking. We’ll be showcasing examples of best practice and success stories that demonstrate the positive impact of multi-agency working on victim outcomes.

national stalking awareness week 2024

At Veritas, we’ve seen firsthand how effective collaboration can make a real difference in the lives of stalking victims. By bringing together resources, expertise, and knowledge, we can provide a more holistic and victim-centered approach to tackling this crime.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to combat stalking during National Stalking Awareness Week 2024. Together, let’s raise awareness, drive change, and ensure that victims receive the support and justice they deserve.

Stay tuned for updates, stories, and insights throughout the week as we work together to “Join Forces Against Stalking.”

Veritas Justice is committed to making a difference in the fight against stalking. Join us in spreading awareness and supporting victims during National Stalking Awareness Week 2024.

What our advocates can do for you

  • Listen to your views and concerns
  • Help you explore your options
  • Assist you to contact relevant professionals
  • Accompany you in meetings & appointments
  • Support you through the court process

The services we offer

  • Advocacy & advice for service users
  • IT interventions
  • Cyber and online safety information
  • Recovery, resilience & peer support groups
  • Training and workshops for organisations

About Veritas

We raise awareness, inform and educate organisations and individuals on the challenges faced by victims of stalking and online safety.


Veritas Justice is an advocacy service supporting people affected by stalking across Sussex by providing free and confidential advice.

Advice and support

We always take your concerns and experiences seriously. Our trained advocates are here to help, so please get in touch or see our resources.

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"There were 1467 recorded stalking offences between April 2018- April 2019 in Sussex alone."
HMICFRS 2019 - Sussex Police inspection

Referrals received

People supported

Young people supported (16 - 25)

People supported at Court

People receiving useful Cyber advice that made a difference*

People who felt listened to and believed

Our Work Within the Last Year

*Out of 565 surveyed

What we do

We aim to raise awareness, train, support and advocate for individuals affected by stalking we provide practical support, advocacy and advise to service-users and professionals.


Our services

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Stalking Advocacy Service

Our stalking advice service offers confidential advice and support for people affected by stalking. Click here to find out more..

Cyber & Online Safety Advice

Cyber & Online Safety Advice

There are many things you can do to make yourself safer online and here we have lots of useful advice to help you stay safe online.
Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

We run a wide range of workshops and training sessions including stalking and cyber stalking  and litigant in person workshops.

Creative writing and healing are like a bit of magic. Putting random ideas on paper does not at first glance appear likely to unravel years of damage


Attending the peer-support group gave me the courage to speak out, as I knew we had all faced major life challenges at some stage

H - Stalked for ten years by her ex-partner 
H - Stalked for ten years by her ex-partner

Learning from others in the peer support group about what happens physically in the brain when you have experienced extreme fear, really helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was

K - Sister murdered by ex-husband 
K - Sister murdered by ex-husband

Veritas have saved not only my life but also my four children’s lives, I can honestly say that I would not be as strong or where I am today if it were not for Veritas

L - Stalked by ex-partner 
L - Stalked by ex-partner

I’ve been very lucky to have been supported by Veritas, not everybody can understand what it is like to be stalked, I am hugely grateful

A - stalked by husband 
A - stalked by husband