“Why write.  To shine a light, to right a wrong, to shape chaos into art, to know what we think, to pose difficult questions, to challenge our own beliefs, to connect – because we have to” (Dani Shapiro)

writing for recoveryTalking Stalking – Writing for Recovery is a project aimed at individuals and professionals who have been affected or are interested in learning more about stalking.

Most people who are subjected to the persistent pursuit of a stalker, regardless of age, gender or background, experience fear and often Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The project aims to support individuals who both wish to express their experiences of stalking through a facilitated creative writing process, and use creative writing to aid recovery.

Writing for RecoveryThe groups help survivors of stalking to develop skills of writing about their experiences as a positive part of the recovery process and increase wellbeing, self-confidence and self-esteem.  The writing group will encourage participants to explore their experiences, thoughts and feelings through the creative writing process in a supportive and safe space, using a variety of guided exercises and writing techniques.  This process opens up possibilities for improving well-being by helping to make sense of life through self-reflection and narrative, thereby promoting recovery.

The project is funded by the Big Lottery and the University of Brighton.